Reasons Of Dark Circle And Ways Of Dark Eye Circle Removal Singapore

Dark eye circles are quite common these days and can have a plethora of reasons behind them. However, instead of hiding them with concealer and other makeup, one should permanently remove them. One can try homemade remedies for dark circle removal or go to the doctor to get a dark eye circle removal Singapore treatment.

Reasons for dark eye circles

Some of the reasons behind dark circles are:

  • Lowered levels of collagen in skin with aging can lead to dark circles.
  • Lack of sleep and tiredness is another cause.
  • No consuming proper nutrition and lacking iron in the diet can lead to dark circles.
  • Poor and low blood circulation can cause dark circles.
  • Low thyroid and lack of proper thyroid gland functioning can be another reason.
  • Those consuming alcohol or those who smoke tend to have dark circles.

Treating dark eye circles

Some of the ways to reduce dark eye circles are:

  • Get enough sleep of 7-8 hours daily
  • Have a balanced diet that is rich in iron
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Use collagen inducing creams and gels for under eye
  • Get an appointment with the doctor for a dark eye circle removal Singapore treatment

Dark eye circles are something that should be treated from the very start. One should take proper preventive steps to avoid dark circles by making smaller lifestyle changes.