Lice Do Not Transmit Disease, But The Itching Is A Nuisance

The truth is that the infestation of lice according to Lice Doctors Sacramento, CA is so frequent and so annoying for families to end them that business opportunities have even arisen concerning these parasites. For example, hairdressers specializing in their removal devised a machine capable of removing lice and nits without using chemicals, naturally, in an hour.

First of all, the device eliminates lice or nits by dehydration in all their stages of evolution through hot air. Secondly, it removes the hair using a sucked airflow with adapted scrubs.

Of course, as with chemical treatments, seven days later, a final review and evaluation of the family must be carried out again. Because no one, not parents or grandparents, is safe from a possible contagion.

Lice Do Not Fly; They Walk Very Fast.

Other widespread hoaxes are that very blond blondes are safe from danger. Fake. They are also palatable. The louse is looking for his hair, and better if it is clean and refined. Just hair, heat, and darkness. That is why they bother less exposed areas of the head more and more at night than during the day. They prefer soft to thick hair, especially the African-American type because it is more difficult to cling to them.

And beware! Because any hair attracts them. It can be from the head, body, or pubis! Experts refer to different types of lice in this regard, such as Pediculus corporis, Pediculus capitis, and Pediculus pubis. But they can even be installed on the tabs! It is a very strange infestation, yes, and almost always due to head lice caused by Phitirius pubis, whose contagion can come from towels where nits have been deposited.

They Do Not Go To Dirty Hairs; They Prefer Them Fine And Clean

It is not even true that now is the worst time at the beginning of the school season. The actual invasion comes a little later. It ensures that 40 percent of Spanish children under 15 years of age suffer from a lice infestation at least once a year; that is, there are lice in almost 3 million heads each year.

The good news from Lice Doctors Sacramento, CA is that they also spread disease. Although installing the itch is a nuisance, it is only due to the slight bite that the louse makes to adhere. Of course, it is a minimal wound, which can go further and become at risk of infection if we do not stop scratching.

What is unfortunately true is that its contagion is usually assured in these times. Mainly because of the neglect of the parents. And not about hygiene but supervision and controls.