About Interrupted Memories and Alcohol – Induced Blackouts

Excessive drinking of alcohol leads to many problems, blackout is one of them. It can happen anytime and anywhere, thus there are chances of falling into grave problems. Memory loss is a health problem that needs to be checked by consulting doctors. Firstly, a person needs to understand the blackout, its causes and ways to treat them.

Thankfully, there are many reputed rehabs in the USA like the Detox to Rehab health care centers well known for providing highly successive treatments. Thus, if you feel I keep blacking out when drinking, then it is time to join such rehab centers to free yourself from alcohol addiction.


It happens to alcohol users when they have the toxin liquid in more quantity and while drinking their mind blackouts. It happens because of memory consolidation and the person feels lost for a while. The level of alcohol in the blood stream increases because of continuous consumption of the toxic drink resulting in the brain being unable to make fresh memories. During such times of blackout the person finds it difficult to walk, talk, think and even suffers from unclear vision.

A partial blackout won’t be a problem as the person is able to lead a normal life once the effects of alcohol lower fully. A complete blackout is a problem and there are chances of experiencing permanent memory loss if the time when the person was having a blackout.

It happens mainly because the brain part called Hippocampus is badly affected by excessive alcohol consumption. The brain won’t create any memory when the person feels a blackout. The actions they have done during blackouts won’t be recorded, thus they can’t recall anything.

Partial memory loss or blackouts can be avoided by drinking good quality alcohol within the limit otherwise, you may need to visit a rehab centre for treatments to save your life.